Kool-seal roof coating

The summer weather is hot! From Miami to Seattle here is a word you should memorize, Kool-Seal. Kool-Seal brand products have been around for the past 90 plus years. Their main product is used for protecting and sealing tin and metal mobile home roofs. The product is called White Elastomeric Roof Coating. This rubber-based white roof coating comes in 5-gallon buckets you can pick up from Lowes Hardware or order directly from the Kool Seal website.

In fact I so rarely use any other products from the Kool-Seal brand that I refer to process of painting the white elastomeric roof coating a roof top of a mobile home as “kool-sealing a roof”.

A few of the Kool-Seal roof coating benefits:

  1. Lower costs on your buyer’s electric bill: Reflects heat from the sun.
  2. Protect roof from small falling debris: Rubber seals minor dents and pin holes in the roof.
  3. Reduce the home’s interior heat: Small amount of insulation to keep in hot or cool air of mobile home interior.
  4. Reduce stress on the air conditioning unit by working less: Lower electric bills
  5. Adding curb appeal to the home: The clean white look is noticeable right away.

We can do all your roof coating needs at New Life Painting.....Here is some information you should keep in mind directly from kool seal web page......

Kool Seal® White Elastomeric Roof Coating (63-300) is formulated with 100% acrylic elastomeric resin. The coat- ing forms a thick rubber-like blanket of protection that expands and contracts with roofs. It remains flexible from -30° F to 160° F for long-lasting protection and provides superior reflectivity to lower in- terior temperatures and save energy. Adheres to aged galvanized and prepainted metal, polystyrene, aged alu- minum coating, pre-cast concrete, flat and barrel cement tiles. For use on built- up roofs, modified bitumen, bonded tar & gravel, most other asphaltic surfaces and in ponding water situations, Kool Seal® Kool-LastikTM Primer (34-600) is required. Do not use on roofing shingles. In general, roof coatings, when applied to a structurally sound roof, will extend its life expectancy by protecting the roof from the elements. However, when roofs are badly deteriorated, they may require complete roof replacement instead of coating. If you’re not sure, ask a qualified roofing contractor for an evalu- ation.


• Energy saving up to 35%.
• Reflects 90%+ of the sun’s rays.
• 100% acrylic elastomeric resin for dura-

bility and long life.
• Higher solids for better coverage.
• Forms a thick rubber-like blanket of

• Expands and contracts.

  • Protects against moisture.

  • Cured elastomeric film is mildew and

    algae resistant.

     Recommended uses:

    • Metal
    • Concrete
    • Foam
    • Brick
    • Flat Cement Tile
    • Unglazed Barrel Cement Tile
    • Aged Aluminum Coatings
    • Existing Elastomeric Roof Coatings

    When used with Kool-LastikTM Primer, recommended for:• Ponding Water Conditions
    • Rolled Roofing

    • Built-up Roofs
    • Modified Bitumen
    • Bonded Tar & Gravel
    • Most Asphaltic Surfaces

    Drying Time:
    To Touch Recoat:2 coat application 4-6 hours 24 hours