Exterior Paint Preparation


Our exterior painting preparation includes:

•Pressure wash using 4000 psi and a chemical solution to free home of all mold/mildew, dirt and foreign items.

•We seal all walls with clear, penetrating masonry conditioner/sealer to ensure no moisture intrusion and create a bond between surface and paint.

We check for any rotted and damaged wood or stucco and bring it to your attention for future arrangements.

•Setting all nails below surface and putty, sand and prime.

•Scraping any paint that will come off with a scraper.

•Sanding all wood and paint with 80 grit paper and power sanders, which removes more failing paint.

•Spackling all rough areas and defects on siding and trim as agreed upon or specified.

•Caulking all seams, cracks, etc., using premium caulk.

•Priming all bare wood, repairs and any bare metal.

•Sanding all primer by hand.

•Cleaning all areas.

•We cover and protect all vegetation and areas not being painted.

•We dig a trench around home to expose foundation.

•We apply a first coat of exterior paint (allow time to cure), check for defects and hand-sand lightly if necessary.

•Apply second coat of exterior paint.

• After all the work is completed, we clean the work area, remove tape, return all outdoor possessions back to the original spot.  We leave accurate, labeled touch-up paint for all areas.